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I will create sacred geometry or mystical logo design

I see a logo as a small piece of art that tells a story. This story can be something very clear and easy to understand for everyone or it can be something with hidden messages and meanings. Your logo should be just that, a piece of art with a story behind it.

When working with the sacred geometry logos, I use different symbols that I see fit for the project and also that “come” to me during the process so sometimes it’s a very intuitive work based on your story.

I offer:

  • Highest quality of designs that are made just for you and your brand
  • 3 or more different design concepts to choose your favorite from (Standard package)
  • Fast on-time delivery. The better is our communication and understanding of the idea, the faster the delivery will be. But if you are not rushing – even better, because I aim for a quality and a great design
  • Full dedication. I will work until you are absolutely satisfied with my work. I’m willing to do my best for a beautiful and original design that you’ll love to have for your company.

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